Sunday, March 17, 2013

My NEW and IMPROVED blog!!

OMG, can you believe it.... I sat down long enough to give my blog a face lift. I was going to take the easy route and buy a header. Glad I took the the time to give it a try myself. I did have some (ok..ALOT) of help from She also has some videos on youtube that went with the tut. I was like... this was soooo easy!!! NOT! I did run into a few issues.... but I worked it out. BAM! Simply header created my ME! Now to get crafting so I can post somethings to my made over blog. 

Happy Crafting


P.S. If you know me... you know blogging in not my thing. Don't know what to say. How to express myself in words. Blogger hates me. Well.... FYI/Warning ... I will have missed spelled words, jacked up sentences and ect. LOL But its me from the heart. Don't judge me...LOL  Just laugh with me. 


  1. Very cool design!! Congrats on such an awesome job!

  2. I KNEW you could do it!!! I am SOOOOOOOO Proud of you!!
    NOW, I expect to see you making ALL kinds of blog posts...

  3. Excellent Tee!! Love your blog design!! WAY TO GO!!

  4. hooray!!!! Gotta love it...and if anyone laughs at you and not with you, let me know and I will have my big doggie take a bite out of their fun ;)